1000 Rounds of 124gr CPRN 9mm Ammo by BVAC

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There’s no such thing as too much ammunition or too much target practice. And if you’re training for self-defense purposes, these statements are even truer. There are quite a few drills out there for honing your skills specifically for self-defense, but before you start worrying about drills, focus on the basics. Work on accuracy, placement, and grouping at a variety of distances. Although it’s easy to focus only on close-range work due to the statistic that most life-or-death fights happen around 7 feet, you really have no way of knowing when or how you might one day need to defend yourself or those you love. Train the way you may one day be forced to fight, and train hard.

This ammunition is made by BVAC for your 9mm. These are 124 grain rounds, making them lightweight for the cartridge size. Being lighter weight enables them to travel at higher speeds and also helps keep felt recoil down, which in turn makes it easier to make accurate shots. They’re Full Metal Jacket, FMJ, rounds and do not expand on impact. Target rounds tend to over-penetrate, so make sure you have a reliable backstop in place during range time. This ammunition is made for target practice, self-defense training, and plinking.

When you order this case of ammunition from BVAC you get 20 boxes of 50 rounds each for a grand total of 1000 rounds. With 1000 target rounds you can shoot your 9mm to your heart’s content, and by the time you burn through the entire box your marksmanship is bound to have improved. How much it improves is up to you, so make every shot count. These are brand new production, brass-cased, boxer-primed rounds, so collect your spent brass, reload it, and get even more trigger time in. BVAC manufactures this ammunition at their factory in Montana. Order now, and hit the range.

1000 Rounds of 124gr CPRN 9mm Ammo by BVAC

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Q: Are these 1st run cartridges or reloads?

Posted On: 7/22/13 By: Tom

A: These cartridges from BVAC are reloads from once fired range brass. BVAC uses premium reloading components that are popular among the shooting community. These include components from Winchester, CCI, and Federal among others. The brass is boxer primed which may be recovered for additional loadings if desired.