50 Rounds of 180gr JHP .40 S&W Ammo by Federal

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.40 S&W is the sweet spot of self-defense handgun calibers. It was designed by Smith and Wesson in response to a request for more effective firepower for FBI agents, and today countless firearms owners depend on it. Self-defense is a serious issue, and when it comes to choosing the firearm that will stand as the only protection for you and your family, the .40 S&W delivers. It has one-shot stopping power to spare, and when you combine its normal strength with the ripping ferocity of a hollow point round, you’ve got a self-defense firearm you can count on.

When you’re looking for defense rounds, you want them to be heavy, and at 180 grain, these are moderately heavy. They’re jacketed hollow point (JHP) rounds, so not only do they have the expansion you expect from a hollow point but they also have the increased strength of a harder metal jacket, which also helps prevent lead fouling in your gun’s barrel. In a self-defense scenario, you need speed, and they offer great velocity, leaving your gun’s barrel with a muzzle velocity of 1,010 feet per second. You also want rapid energy transfer and a devastating wound track, and they have a muzzle energy of 408 foot-pounds.

Federal has been manufacturing ammunition since 1922, and after nearly a century, their strict standards and dedication to excellence have become their trademark. All their ammunition is manufactured in Anoka, Minnesota, under the careful supervision of the Federal team. There are 50 JHP rounds in this box, so you can load a few mags for personal protection and also run a few through your gun to get a feel for their performance. We also offer this ammo in the full 1,000 round case quantity that you can find here. Place your order today, because when it comes to personal protection, you want ammunition you can depend on from an American company with an established reputation.

40 cal 180gr HST JHP Ammo by Federal

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  • 40 cal 180gr HST JHP Ammo by Federal

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