20 Rounds of 168gr TAP FPD .308 Win Ammo by Hornady

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The .308 Win was created by Winchester in 1952, and saw instant fame on the civilian hunting market. It’s not limited to hunting, though, it’s also used extensively by law enforcement sharpshooters and military snipers; if you need a truly powerful round guaranteed to take down a big target, the .308’s going to get the job done. But of course it is best known for hunting, and in that capacity it’s taken down a wide variety of game including the obvious, like whitetail deer, and the less obvious, like caribou and polar bears. Not only is it powerful, it produces quite a kick; the .308’s felt recoil is right at the upper limits of what most shooters can tolerate without flinching. It’s a great round, and great guns require excellent ammunition – and that means Hornady.

Hornady was founded in 1949, and for more than 60 years they’ve been coming up with new ways to surpass the expectations of even the most seasoned shooters. Joyce Hornady founded the now-legendary company because he wanted to improve the quality of post-World War II ammunition, and saying he did that is a massive understatement. Their innovation is practically unparalleled; their ammunition quite literally speaks for itself with each dependable bang and every resulting hole, whether stationary targets or deer. All their ammunition is thoroughly tested, only high-quality components are used, and every round that leaves the factory must meet their stringent standards.

At 168 grain these are medium-weight rounds more than capable of providing one-shot stopping power, to say the least. They’re Hornady TAP FPD rounds and begin to expand immediately upon impact while simultaneously decelerating, a combination that both creates a devastating wound channel and protects innocent bystanders. Each round moves impressively fast at a muzzle velocity of 2700 feet per second and hits hard with a muzzle energy of 2719 foot-pounds. This ammunition is designed for self-defense (FPD = For Personal Defense). There are 20 rounds in this box, which is just enough to get you hooked on Hornady’s top-tier quality and performance. Production takes place at Hornady’s plant in Grand Island, Nebraska. Order today and be ready for anything.

20 Rounds of 168gr TAP FPD .308 Win Ammo by Hornady

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