50 Rounds of 158gr LFN .38 Spl Ammo by Magtech

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Lead Flat Nose rounds are fantastic for match shooting. They’re cowboy loads made specifically for cowboy action shooters involved in leagues or shooting sport events such as the Single Action Shooting Society. The flat nose on this ammunition means it penetrates paper targets cleanly so you don’t lose points due to ripped paper or leaners, which makes scoring both easier and more accurate. Another great feature of these rounds is their low recoil, which makes rapid fire easier; they’re also made to produce more smoke to mimic the old black powder rounds used in the real Wild West. These aren’t strictly for competition, though, they’re also useful for revolvers you need a lighter load in so you can master their trigger and overall handling. In addition to all that they also make good teaching tools for new shooters.

At 158 grain these are medium-weight rounds for the .38 Special, so they’re light enough to reach impressive speeds while heavy enough to make a solid impact. They’re LFN rounds, as described above, and are match-grade target rounds meant for cowboy shooting competitions. This ammunition leaves the barrel of your gun with a muzzle velocity of 800 feet per second and leaves its mark with a muzzle energy of 225 foot-pounds. And to make this an even better deal, Magtech produces these in new-production brass cases with boxer primer, so you can reload them. So make sure you collect your spent casings, because you definitely want to reload and get some extra range time in.

There are 50 target rounds in this box of Magtech ammunition. Magtech was founded in 1926 and has spent almost 100 years producing quality ammunition for shooters, first locally, now globally. Of course, there’s a good reason for their excellent quality; their plant is vertically integrated. That means every component is made right there on-site, allowing exceptional quality control, and that’s not something many companies can claim. With that kind of quality control and the rigorous testing all their ammunition goes through, it’s no surprise they’ve become so popular on a global scale. Production takes places at their plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you want quality cowboy loads for your next competition or just want a low-recoil round for your .38 Special, order a box or two of these LFN rounds, and hit the range.

50 Rounds of 158gr LFN .38 Spl Ammo by Magtech

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