1000 Rounds of 180gr MC .40 S&W Nickel Ammo by Remington

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Shot placement is a phrase you probably hear repeated on a regular basis, and there’s a reason for that. Without good shot placement, the caliber you use won’t be as effective, so you need to spend some serous, lengthy range time making sure your accuracy and precision both improve. And if you’re thinking they’re the same thing, they’re really not. One has to do with how well you can hit the target in general while the other has to do with specific placement. In order to make sure your shot placement meets both the accuracy and precision requirements, you need some good quality target ammunition, and a lot of it.

At 180 grain these are heavy rounds, which is all the better to impact your target with. Since these are Metal Case rounds – which are Remington’s FMJ rounds – they don’t expand on contact and have a tendency to over-penetrate just like all target ammo, so remember to be sure of your target and what is beyond it. These rounds are a great choice for honing your marksmanship and suitable for target practice, shooting drills, tactical training, and plinking. Each round has a muzzle velocity of 990 feet per second and muzzle energy of 392 foot-pounds.

You get a nice supply of ammunition with your order, because there are 1000 target rounds in this case from Remington. Remington manufactures this ammunition at their plant in Lonoke, Arkansas, and takes care to ensure each and every round meets their strict specifications. They’ve been in business for 200 years, and it shows in the superior quality of both their ammunition and their firearms. This ammunition is brass-cased and nickel-plated, so it’s non-corrosive, better for your gun, and more easily visible, especially in dim lighting. When you finish the case – and you will – you can reload it and start all over again. Get some range time in with the company experienced shooters turn to for their ammunition needs by buying Remington.

1000 Rounds of 180gr MC .40 S&W Nickel Ammo by Remington

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