20 Rounds of 125gr JHP .38 Spl +P Ammo by Speer

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Before he founded Speer Bullets, Vernon Speer served in the U.S. Navy, and that’s where his creative streak first began to show. At the age of 21 he came up with a new kind of airplane engine, and in order to prove it worked, he installed it in a bi-plane and took it up in the air. The engine worked, and as time passed and Vernon moved on to other ventures, his innovation continued to pay off. He founded Speer Bullets in 1944, starting out in the basement of a grocery store before moving to an actual factory, and, once again, his willingness to try something paid off. Today Speer is one of the leaders in the ammunition industry, and they’re well known for their quality and innovation.

These are Speer Gold Dots, which are a fantastic example of Speer’s top-of-the-line designs. These defense rounds are trusted by countless members of law enforcement, and that’s not something many companies can say about their ammunition. This ammunition delivers superior weight retention and reliable expansion, both of which are issues for some defense rounds. Speer bonds the jacket to the core of these rounds, which goes a long ways towards maintaining weight during expansion. In addition, the brass cases are also nickel-plated, which makes them easier to see in dim light and improves cycling; some HPs don’t cycle smoothly, but Gold Dots do. These are truly superior defense rounds; Vernon Speer would be proud.

At 125 grain these are fairly lightweight rounds for the .38 Special, which means you retain the low recoil you expect from your gun. These are Hollow Points and begin to expand the moment they hit the target, penetrating as they mushroom, creating a devastating wound track. And because these are +P rounds, they have increased power: each round has a muzzle velocity of 860 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 222 foot-pounds. There are 20 defense rounds in this box of ammunition; ammunition is manufactured at Speer’s longtime plant in Lewiston, Idaho. Don’t trust your safety to just any defense round. Load your gun with the ammunition trusted by members of law enforcement; load your gun with Speer Gold Dots.

These are +P rounds, also known as overpressure rounds. Not all firearms are rated for the increased power of this ammunition. Please make sure your handgun is rated for use with +P rounds before using this ammunition; if in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

20 Rounds of 125gr JHP .38 Spl +P Ammo by Speer

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