Barnes’ VOR-TX line of ammunition gives hunters the power of the all-copper bullet! Available in a range of precision loaded hunting rounds, a VOR-TX bullet flies straight, hits hard, expands wide, and penetrates deep to deliver a fast and humane kill.

VOR-TX’s TSX Bullet

The all-copper TSX bullet benefits its shooter every step of the way. It is lead-free, opening up new hunting ground wherever traditional bullets are banned. It can not cause lead fouling in a barrel. This helps to preserve accuracy over the course of a hunt. It even helps preserve the sensitive environments where the best game resides.

Copper is less dense than lead. So, the TSX is longer to achieve a conventional weight. The bullet has several pressure relieving grooves along its shank to reduce bore contact. This boosts muzzle velocity, improves accuracy, and further reduces barrel fouling in the process. The monolithic TSX also has virtually perfect balance to hug its trajectory far downrange.

The TSX has a long, narrow nose cavity that lets it begin expanding faster than any other hunting bullet. An expanding TSX produces four razor-sharp cutting petals that leave a wide, devastating wound channel in their wake. The TSX consistently expands to twice its original diameter as it tunnel through its target.

The TSX doesn’t have a core and jacket that are capable of separating, and copper is extremely tough. It doesn’t fragment or splinter as it penetrates, preserving its momentum to assure a very deep wound channel as well. Copper achieves almost 100 percent weight retention, and may also prevent lead contamination of an animal’s meat.

The VOR-TX Blue Tip

Barnes VOR-TX ammo cartridges lined up at a shooting range

The Tipped TSX (TTSX) features a blue polymer tip. This tip further streamlines the bullet’s profile for a flatter trajectory and more energy to deliver downrange. On impact, the tip drives backward into a redesigned nose cavity to commence even faster expansion than the original TSX.

Where To Get Barnes VOR-TX Ammo

At, our crew of merry machine gunners are proud to carry Barnes VOR-TX and ship it fast. You can get the following rounds at great prices from us:

223 Remington – 55 Grain VOR-TX

.308 Winchester – 150 Grain VOR-TX

45 Long Colt – 200 Grain VOR-TX


With its clean-shooting, accurate, and thoroughly deadly bullet, a VOR-TX round deserves its place in your hunting rifle’s chamber. Precision loaded VOR-TX ammo includes high grade brass, propellant, and primers that you can count on while you’re in search of your next dinner or trophy.