About The Ammo Club

The Ammo Club

A place for shooters to engage and learn about the self-defense, the shooting sports and more.

We’ve always loved talking about guns and ammo. Until now starting The Ammo Club, we’ve had to wait until a customer called in to talk about that stuff. Now, we’ve got a centralized community of shooters where we can nerd out about all the stuff that makes shooting great.

Look for articles here written by Guy Sterling, probably the most attractive man in the gun world. In many cases, Sterling will be getting help from the staff at AmmoForSale.com to write articles and bring you stuff you can’t find anywhere else. When we can, we’ll work to pull in outside experts to bring you the best information available.

We aim to post new articles every week and we’re always open to ideas. So, if you have a pressing firearm issue or ammo question, let us know. We’d love to hear it and if we can, even put in the legwork to run an experiment to get some answers!

Want to get in touch? Drop us a line via email here. We’re all ears!

What You’ll Find at The Ammo Club

  • Information and Test Results for Ammo and Firearms.
  • Tips To Help Keep You and Your Family Safe.

  • Tons Of Useful Tools And Tips To Help You Get More From Your Trigger Time

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