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500 Rounds of 36gr HP .22 LR Ammo by Armscor

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Anyone who says speed doesn’t matter has never fired a high-velocity round from their .22LR-chambered firearm. The most common velocity for a .22LR round is a muzzle velocity of approximately 1,000 feet per second. And while that’s some good speed, it’s nice to have a little extra zip. Firearms enthusiasts use their .22LR’s for plinking on a large scale, but they also use them to train new shooters and to handle varmint control. Small pests such as squirrels, gophers, crows, and the occasional fox can be taken down with a well-placed round, and you know what that means: practice.

500 rounds in this box means you can get some practice in. It’s never dull to train with a .22LR; they have almost no recoil and are also very quiet, and shooting them is a source of practically never-ending pleasure. And once you master shot placement with these versatile cartridges, you’ll be all set to handle your varmint issues (or to punch holes in paper with greater accuracy). And if you’re in the process of training a new shooter, this is an ideal caliber for it. In fact, the Boys Scouts use .22 rifles for the rifle merit badges. It’s not just for training kids, though, the .22 is a great choice for adults who are new to the world of firearms as well.

These .22LR rounds are manufactured by Armscor. The Arms Corporation of the Philippines – Armscor for short – was founded at the end of World War II and produces both ammunition and firearms. They’re one of the largest ammunition manufacturers in Southeast Asia, they’re ISO 9001 certified, and all their ammunition is produced to SAAMI or CIP specifications. Among their many customers are law enforcement agencies and various militaries around the world; they work hard to produce good quality, dependable rounds for shooters everywhere. If you want affordable .22LR target rounds avid shooters say feed and eject dependably and don’t overly dirty their guns, place your order today.

500  Rounds of 36gr HP .22 LR Ammo by Armscor

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Customer Reviews

Good Value
Review by CJ
Some sticking in the chamber, but for the most part a good value for the money. (Posted on 2/12/15)
Great Service
Review by Britbob
Pricing is keen, shipping is super fast. My second purchase, at this rate there will be many more
(Posted on 7/16/14)
Great ammo!!
Review by Chuck
Great Ammo!!!
Shoots great in my old Savage rifle and pistol.
Price seems a little high but its good quality, clean shooting ammo.
Great job on delivery, showed up at my home. (Posted on 7/14/14)
Review by norman
Good feeding ammo (Posted on 7/14/14)

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Q: Does the Armscor .22 ammunition have a lead or jacketed bullet?

Posted On: 11/4/14 By: Stanley Phillip

A: Hello Stanley, This Armscor .22 LR ammunition features a copper coated lead bullet.