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Precision Made Cartridges (PMC) started producing ammunition for the South Korean military when Poongsan Corporation was granted a permit from the South Korean government. Not only they were producing for the military needs, but PMC ammunition also managed to successfully establish itself in the American firearm market as one of the most reliable range ammunition companies available. Due to some of the strictest quality control standards and in-house design and production, PMC produces high-quality rounds for range, self-defense, and tactical needs.

Because the South Korean military is the primary reason behind PMC’s inception, all ammunition is manufactured to meet Mil-Spec or SAAMI standards. This ensures that each round and its components pass a thorough quality control process before it is cleared for use. Consumers can expect and trust extremely high performing rounds at reasonable prices from PMC ammo.

High quality at economical prices might seem suspicious, but Poongsan Corp. is a large company in the non-ferrous metals industry, which means that component materials can be acquired for lower prices when compared to smaller companies. Also, because all components are produced in-house (including primers), no corners are cut during the manufacturing process. AmmoForSale carries PMC’s full line of products including Bronze, Starfire, and X-Tac PMC bullets. Check out our PMC ammo for sale.

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