50 Rounds of 230gr FMJ .45 ACP Ammo by PMC

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If 45 ammo is all about stopping power then this PMC 45 ACP ammo should stop you in your tracks. One of the most reliable and consistently performing range rounds available, these PMC cartridges are boxer primed and are loaded with 230 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) projectiles.

This ammo will arrive securely in a brand new box with 50 rounds inside. If you're looking for more trigger time, check out the same ammo in a 250 round quantity or the full 1,000 round case of 45 ACP by PMC.

The bronze line of ammunition is economically priced for range use and these rounds will be delivered securely in a 50-round boxe; perfect to toss in your range bag and hit the road. These rounds are pretty standard in terms of ballistics, with a muzzle velocity of 850 feet per second.

PMC manufactures all of their components in-house and exceeds all United States Military and NATO standards.

If you are looking for ammunition that will positively feed, reliably ignite and take out the center X in your targets, look no further than PMC Bronze.

50 Rounds of 230gr FMJ .45 ACP Ammo by PMC

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Q: For the life of me ,I can`t remember what " MC" stands for in the projectile description. I know FMJ and JHP , SWC etc.. . I am embarrassed to ask.

Posted On: 1/13/12 By: Harry King

A: PMC is the manufacturer of this ammunition. MC is the Remington designation for "metal case," which is synonymous with full metal jacket. However, this is not Remington ammunition.