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This 30-06 ammo for sale was originally introduced to shooters in the United States Army in 1906. Militaries would later standardize the round, sparking heavy 30-06 use up until the 1970’s by countries all over the world as they phased out the old 30-03 cartridge and other calibers.

Today, you'll find both 30-06 FMJ (full metal jacket) rounds and other varieties of the popular ammunition for sale here on our site.

The “30” in “30-06” refers to the caliber of the bullet while the “06” portion of the caliber is a nod to the year the caliber was developed, 1906. You can typically find 30-06 ammunition for sale in weights ranging from 150 to 220 grain with velocities as low as 2500 feet per second to as high as 2,900 feet per second. That said, you will find the occasional 30-06 cartridge loaded as light as 110 grain. While the 30-06 rifle’s recoil is generally regarded as tolerable by most shooters considering the amount of power the rifle delivers, more sensitive shooters may want to consider picking up lighter loads for target practice or other repetitive shooting.

The 30-06 cartridge came through development as part of a literal arms race between the United States military and several European nations. In the late 1890’s, countries such as Germany and France adopted a pointed rifle bullet that allowed their riflemen to shoot flatter trajectories, with faster muzzle velocities at ranges up to 2,000 yards. In response to that ballistic advantage, it became a high priority for the U.S. to find something of comparable grade if the American military intended to keep up with the European nations.

Today, 30-06 ammunition is still incredibly popular among hunters. Known for its versatility, a rifle chambered in 30-06 can give most magnum cartridges a run for their money. Further, military surplus and commercially produced 30-06 ammo is typically not hard to find, giving hunters a good source of quality ammo at a reasonable price. If loaded appropriately, you can use 30-06 for just about any game, large or small, in North America.

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