400 Rounds of 180gr SP 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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A few deer hunting tips: Park a minimum of 250 yards from your entry point unless you’re hunting in an area where the game is used to significant noise, and take care not to slam doors or talk loudly. You might be surprised how easily noise can scare of that buck you’ve been watching via trail cam. And as you’re heading for your stand, it’s a good idea to cover the sound of your approach using a squirrel call – yes, really. Above all, be patient – really, really patient. Just because you’ve been sitting for hours doesn’t mean it’s time to abandon your location. Many hunters will spend long hours and multiple days in one spot before their patience pays off, and when it finally pays off, you’ll find it’s well worth the wait.

Of course, for a successful deer hunt you also need good ammunition, and that’s where Sellier and Bellot comes in. They’ve been making ammunition for almost 200 years, so you know they’ve got a pretty good handle of the process, not to mention the innovations they’ve come up with over those years. They got their start in 1825 when a German businessman by the name of Louis Sellier began manufacturing percussion caps for the local infantry; before long he was joined by countryman Jean Maria Nicolaus Bellot, and Sellier and Bellot was born. With their talents combined, the company took off, and today they’re one of the leaders in the industry.

At 180 grain these are actually considered medium-weight rounds for the .30-06. The .30-06 is one big, bold cartridge, and it’s capable of serious speed and force. These rounds will both move fast and hit hard. They’re Soft Point rounds, so they begin to expand the moment they make contact; expansion is controlled, allowing for deeper penetration and a broader, more catastrophic wound track overall. Each round goes roaring towards your target with amazing speed at a muzzle velocity of 2707 feet per second and impacts with terrific strength with a muzzle energy of 2930 foot-pounds. These rounds are made for deer hunting, and they certainly deliver. There are 400 rounds in this box of ammo. Production takes place in Vlasim, Czech Republic, and each round must adhere to stringent standards in order to leave the factory. If you want to fill your deer tag this season, get your hunting hands on these .30-06 rounds.

400 Rounds of 180gr SP 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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