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10mm ammo is a big load compared to most of your other handgun options. With muzzle velocities usually weighing in at about 1200 feet per second (from a 4-5" barrel) you're putting a lot of energy downrange compared to smaller handgun cartridges, like the 9x19. However, you pay the price for that down range energy with recoil at the muzzle. So, if you're a less experienced shooter, putting a lot of shots on target quickly may prove difficult.

How Does 10mm Compare to Other Handgun Options?

A common question and comparison shooters have questions about is the 10mm vs 44 magnum. In most cases, you'll find the 44 magnum offers more power and even more recoil than the 10mm. To learn more about which of these large calibers might be best for you, check out our 10mm vs. 44 magnum guide here.
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