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Remington is the oldest operating ammunition and firearms producer in the United States. Founded by Eliphalet Remington in 1816 as E. Remington and Sons, Remington established itself as the leader in the firearm industry for more than 200 years. Built on a history of American tradition, Remington’s innovation is what drives the continued success and performance of all their high-quality products.

With two centuries of R&D under their belt, Remington has amassed a loyal following that demands excellence in their products. From producing all-time bestselling firearms, like the Model 700 and Model 870, to manufacturing performance of the Remington ammunition to meet the needs of hunters, competitors, law enforcement, and civilian shooters, Remington has long been a household name.

To meet the demands of the rapidly expanding ammunition demand over the last 10 years, Remington expanded their Arkansas manufacturing facility to increase Remington ammo production. Being an iconic American brand, Remington holds the highest standards, which ensure the best quality of ammunition in the hands of their customers. Innovation and competition drive the founding spirit of Remington and continues to raise the bar for others in the industry. Check out AmmoForSale’s complete lineup of ammunition including the very popular 30 Remington ammo, and much more.

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