250 Rounds of 95gr MC .380 ACP Ammo by Remington

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For the avid shooter – or those who would like to become more experienced – theis Remington UMC .380 ACP 95 grain MC ammo is great. .380 pistols and revolvers have gone through an upsurge in popularity due in large part to their compact size, lighter weight, and easier concealment. But in order to effectively carry any gun for personal protection, or even to use one for home defense, training is a must. With this 250-round box, you’ll have an excellent day of target practice improving your aim, draw, and various techniques.

These rounds are fantastic for target practice, training exercises, and plinking. Remington joined with UMC – Union Metallic Cartridge – in 1912 after nearly a half-century manufacturing ammunition on their own. Combining experience and production enabled Remington UMC to create quality-yet-affordable ammunition for shooters everywhere. Although some find the “MC” (metal case) designation unusual, it is actually not unlike “FMJ,” and that means it is well-liked at many ranges because the metal casing eliminates a great deal of lead dust, which, in turn, improves air quality at indoor ranges.

You’ll find Remington’s American-made quality in this box of target rounds. They have a muzzle velocity of 951 feet per second and muzzle energy of 190 foot-pounds, making them comparable in speed and recoil to many other .380 rounds. That means practicing with these rounds in large quantities does give you a tactile experience like that of similar ammunition that costs more. Each round is 95 grain, which is fairly light for handgun ammunition, and shooters have remarked on the lesser recoil in reviews.

If you are serious about improving your shooting proficiency, order this 250-round box. Better yet, order two. Remington does not compromise, and their standards show clearly in these affordable nickel-plated brass cases. Head to the range, use your rounds, collect your brass, reload, and repeat. When you want performance without breaking the bank, these Remington UMC rounds are the way to go.

380 Auto 95 gr MC Remington UMC Ammo 250 Round Mega Packs For Sale!

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