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When it comes to iconic names in the firearm and ammunition industry, Winchester is one of the first to come to mind. Founded on American quality, the Winchester company started in 1866, after restructuring from the New Haven Arms Co. with the release of the Winchester Model 1866. Winchester entered the ammunition side of the industry and began offering the highest quality of ammunition to civilians and the US military in 1892. Ever since then, the name Winchester has been synonymous with incomparable quality and performance.

From protection, hunting, and law enforcement and military, Winchester ammunition is an industry leader that has built a reputation over the past 140 years of excellence. Committed to excellence, Winchester ammo prides itself on high-quality products that their customers can trust each time they load it. American-made in Alton, Illinois, and Oxford, Mississippi, each type of round produced is submitted to the same quality control standards to ensure the highest performance, whether for hunting, competition, military, or civilian use.

Winchester bullets are some of the finest on the market, and when it comes to variety, Winchester offers several high-performing rounds to suit everybody’s needs. Some of the most recognizable lines that Winchester offers are USA White Box, Ranger, USA Forged, W Train & Defend, and Super-X. At AmmoForSale, you will find the exact Winchester round to fit your specific shooting needs.

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