50 Rounds of 95gr FMJ .380 ACP Ammo by Winchester

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To say Winchester has a rich history would be a massive understatement. The company that began in 1866 making rifles, including the famous “Gun That Won the West” is the same company that has undergone a series of changes and innovations for 150 years, making it a leader in the industry today. They’ve played vital roles supplying ammunition for the U.S. Military in more than one war; in World War II alone they produced 15,260,125,254 rounds. Today the Winchester name is held by the Olin Corporation, which has been a part of Winchester almost from the start. All their products are made in America, and if you want to load your .380 ACP with ammunition made by a legend, you’ve found it.

The standard weight range for the .380 ACP cartridge is between 90 and 95 grain; at 95 grain these are within that range, although at the high end. They’re lightweight, which is what you want to reduce recoil and increase speed; lighter loads also allow you to practice at greater length without tiring out your hands. These are FMJ’s, so they’re specifically meant for target practice, training, and plinking. They have a muzzle velocity of 955 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 190 foot-pounds. You get 50 rounds in this box, so you might consider ordering more than one.

One of the most important things about training with any firearm is shot placement, but it’s also wise to be familiar with your gun’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, firing from a variety of distances helps you understand how your shots will fall depending on range. And if you carry your .380 ACP for self-defense purposes, it’s also a good idea to train from multiple positions, including prone, and to practice with your weaker hand as well. Whatever form your training takes, you need good target rounds, and when you buy Winchester, you’re getting target rounds with more than 150 years of experience and quality behind them.

Winchester 380 auto 95 gr FMJ Ammo For Sale!

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Review by CheriLee380
The Best ammo I've ever used. Marksmanship with these are right on even training to ambidextrous firing. AMAZING!!!!!! I've f NOTHING BETTER. (Posted on 1/9/15)

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