100 Rounds of 95gr FMJ .380 ACP Ammo by Winchester

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The .380 ACP cartridge was designed in 1908 by John Browning. It functions at its best in close quarters and is a widely popular self-defense choice. Some ammunition aficionados theorize Browning simply scaled down the .45 ACP when he created this round, and he very well may have, because the measurements do fit:

  • Bullet diameter: .355 in
  • Neck diameter: .373 in
  • Base diameter: .374 in
  • Rim diameter: .374 in
  • Case length: .680 in
  • Overall length: .984 in
  • Maximum pressure: 21,500 psi

At 95 grain these are the standard weight for the cartridge, but still quite light, which helps you maintain the minimal recoil you love. These are FMJ rounds for target practice, tactical training, and plinking. They have a muzzle velocity of 955 feet per second and muzzle energy of 190 foot-pounds. Winchester makes them with fresh brass cases using boxer primer, and that means you can burn through the entire box, police your spent brass, reload, and go shooting again. It just doesn’t get much better than that. Don’t let your .380 ACP sit around and wait, buy some target rounds and go train.

Winchester manufactures these rounds, and all their ammunition, with great pride here in the United States, just as they always have. When they were founded in 1866 and got their start in long guns, creating the lever-action rifle that would come to be known as The Gun That Won the West, who would have guessed they’d be going strong 150 years later? Their quality and strict adherence to high standards sets them apart from others, and their products speak for themselves. You get 100 rounds in this single box of target rounds, and that’s a nice start for the training time you should be getting in. Order a box or two, and hone your skills, because you never know what’s around the next corner.

100 Rounds of 95gr FMJ .380 ACP Ammo by Winchester

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