100 Rounds of 115gr MC 9mm Ammo by Remington

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Recently, some law enforcement agencies made the move not from 9mm to a larger caliber but from larger calibers to 9mm. Citing issues such as greater magazine capacity and lower recoil, more than one department or county has made the 9mm their standard issue since 2013. Through the back and forth and decision making, Remington has always been there, manufacturing ammunition marksmen have counted on for generations. This Remington 9mm 115 grain MC ammunition comes in the same green-and-white box shooters have learned to look for as a sign of the company’s legendary quality and accuracy.

Remington began building that legend in 1816 when young Eliphalet Remington built his first firearm and received a landslide of orders for it after a crowd watched him place second using it in a competition. Just like that, Eliphalet was in the gunsmith business, and Remington was born. All of their products are made in America; they have facilities in several states including Arkansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky. The company played a key role in World War II and continues to play an important role with the US military today. There’s a good reason your father and your father’s father – and so on – used Remington, and so should you.

This 9mm ammunition is a lightweight 115 grain, allowing your handgun to maintain its low recoil while also having good speed with a muzzle velocity of 1,145 feet per second. It has good hitting power, too, with a muzzle energy of 335 foot-pounds. They’re Remington’s MC, or metal case, which is their labeling for a FMJ round. And because they’re brass-cased and boxer primed, you can reload them. There are 100 rounds in this box, and when you find out how accurate and reliable these are, you’re going to want more.

100 Rounds of 115gr MC 9mm Ammo by Remington

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