1000 Rounds of 147gr JHP 9mm Ammo by Fiocchi

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Looking for 9mm ammo to feed your guns? This 9mm Luger by Fiocchi is a part of their Shooting Dynamics line, which promises an excellent shooting experience, round after round.

This 9x19 ammo is boxer-primed, brass-cased, and comes in a 50-round box. With a 147 grain jacketed hollow point (JHP) projectile, these sub-sonic 9mm rounds are a little bit heavier than the 115 grain most pistol shooters call standard. While that extra weight means these rounds move slightly slower, with a muzzle velocity of about 975 feet per second, the additional weight also means they deliver an even more devastating blow when making impact with your target. This Fiocchi 9mm ammunition delivers a muzzle energy of 310 foot pounds and the (JHP) bullet ensures the projectile expands upon impact, to bring down your target.

Fiocchi can claim one of the most legendary traditions in the shooting industry. Family owned with a strong Italian heritage, the ammo manufacturer does have an American plant in Ozark, Missouri and a lot of its products are loaded domestically for American shooters. However, because of recent demand by American shooters, Fiocchi has also started to import ammunition and reloading components from their Italian plant as they work tirelessly to keep up with demand. A family owned company with a history dating back to 1876, Fiocchi is known as an ammo manufacturer that takes pride in its products so you can get the most of your training time or have great peace of mind when carrying their self defense rounds.

1000 Rounds of 147gr JHP 9mm Ammo by Fiocchi

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