50 Rounds of 124gr MC 9mm Ammo by Remington

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For almost a century, experienced shooters have been reaching for the green-and-white box Remington is known for producing its ammunition in. They’re a long-established, historically significant company, and also the only U.S. company that produces both ammunition and firearms domestically; they’re also the biggest producer of shotguns and rifles in the U.S. Of course, they’re not just renowned within our own borders; their products are also distributed to more than 60 foreign countries. Their headquarters have been located in Ilion, New York, almost since their founding, and still are today. Plants for the production of ammunition and firearms are located in six other states, including Kentucky and Arkansas. When you buy Remington, you’re getting ammunition proudly made in America.

9mm is known for having less recoil while still being capable of decent stopping power, and these MC rounds are great for training time. MC, or metal case, is Remington’s label for FMJ rounds, so they do not expand, making them best for target practice, tactical training, and plinking. Your 9mm has a higher magazine capacity than larger caliber handguns do, but that doesn’t mean you should rely on quantity. Quality in the form of shot placement is the most important factor of all. So why not order one of these 50-round boxes and take your favorite handgun to the range?

Experienced shooters who use this ammunition praise its accuracy and consistent feeding and ejecting. These rounds are manufactured with virgin brass, boxer-primed cases, so they can be reloaded; yes, you can fire the entire box, collect your spent brass, reload, and go shooting again. These are medium-weight 124 grain rounds and have a muzzle velocity of 1,100 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 339 foot-pounds. When you’re shopping for target rounds, go with tradition; buy Remington.

50 Rounds of 124gr MC 9mm Ammo by Remington

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