20 Rounds of 150gr FMJ 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Federal

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The .30-06 is one hard-hitting round. Its felt recoil is right at the upper edge of most shooter’s limits and its stopping power is substantial; its favored by countless hunters and, of course, it’s flat-out fun to shoot. A few ideas for things to annihilate with your.30-06: gallon jugs of water, which are also great in a back-to-back row; pumpkins, because who can ignore the joys of exploding orange matter; watermelons, same reason as pumpkins; pop cans, both empty and full; old plastic Santa decorations, especially the really big ones; apples, which are more fun if a friend throws them up in the air for you. It’s a never-ending list; basically, there’s no shortage of fun targets. You’re definitely not limited to paper. Whatever your target, don’t let your .30-06 gather dust, get it out, and go shooting.

These are 150 grain rounds, putting them at the lighter end of the weight spectrum for the .30-06. Lighter weight means a bit less felt recoil, making these a good option for someone’s first time firing a .30-06, and it also means they’ll reach even higher speeds than usual. This is Full Metal Jacket ammunition and does not expand on impact, making it ideal for target practice, tactical training, and plinking (read: destroying pumpkins). Each round goes zipping down-range with fantastic speed with a muzzle velocity of 2910 feet per second and slams into your target with devastating force with a muzzle energy of 2820 foot-pounds. These are high-quality rounds made with virgin brass cases and boxer primer, so you can reload them, and they’re non-corrosive, so there’s less friction in your rifle’s barrel.

There are only 20 target rounds in this box of ammunition, and while that’s a nice size for carrying to the range in your pocket, it’s only a light snack for your gun. Buy one box to get started and multiple boxes to have a truly fantastic day of target practice. This is Federal’s American Eagle ammunition; it’s made with quality components according to strict standards and performs reliably. Federal manufactures their ammunition at their long-time plant in Anoka, Minnesota. These rounds are marketed by Federal for M1 Garands but can be used in any rifle chambered in .30-06. Stock up on some high-quality, American-made ammo, and feed your rifle!

20 Rounds of 150gr FMJ 30-06 Springfield Ammo by Federal

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