1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT .223 Ammo by PMC

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Price: $509.99

Fast Facts
  • Manufacturer PMC
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 55gr
  • Projectile Type FMJ
  • Ammo Use Type Range Training
  • Casing Type Brass
  • Quantity 1000
  • Caliber .223
  • Manufacturer SKU 223A
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity (ft. per sec) 2900
  • Muzzle Energy (ft. pounds) 1027
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 50741569060085
  • Cost Per Round 51¢ per round
  • Description
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More Details About Our 1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT .223 Ammo by PMC

You have an AR-15 chambered for .223 Remington, and it’s hungry. And when you take it out for training time, especially to hone your long-range skills, your AR doesn’t want a quick snack; it wants a banquet. With 1,000 rounds in this box of ammunition, you’ll finally be able to give your rifle the meal it wants. Because it’s PMC, you know you’re getting quality trusted worldwide, and you’re also getting it at a good price. You simply cannot go wrong.

These are FMJBT (full metal jacket boat-tail) rounds, making them just what you need for target practice, tactical training, and plinking – but especially for longer distances. Their FMJ means they don’t expand, and the BT increases stability and makes accuracy on longer shots possible. They’re also non-corrosive, so they’re easier on your rifle, and reviewers say they keep your gun cleaner than typical target ammunition, too. Fresh brass cases and boxer priming mean they can be reloaded, so if you collect all your spent brass, you could actually get twice as much value for your investment.

When you’re focused on improving your long-range accuracy, you want a round with the capacity for real speed, and this ammunition has it. At 55 grain they’re light, which enables them to move even faster. They leave your muzzle with a velocity of 3,200 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 1,250 foot-pounds. By loading your rifle with these PMC rounds, you’re getting the chance to put some real work into your distance marksmanship skills.

PMC has decades of experience manufacturing ammunition and is a world leader in production. By ordering PMC ammunition, you’re relying on the same rifle rounds trusted by members of the military all around the globe. And at 1,000 rounds in this box, when you finish it, you won’t be the same shooter you were when you started out. Your AR is calling your name, and it wants range time. Don’t let it down!

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Nice Ammo

By vaguy on 9/12/2016

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Nice ammo Clean, reliable, and works great in my AR. The price was good and shipping was on-time. All-in-all, a great ...
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Shooters Reviews

Review of Ammo


Cheapest around and for the quality. Rounds shoot perfect no jams.

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Great experience


Best ammo for the Rock River Lar 15, no glue melting and guming up the action

Was this review usefull? 11 10

Good ammo at a decent price.


Shipped on time, good brand of ammo for the money!

Was this review usefull? 6 4

Great Ammo


I have used over 450 rounds, and they have performed great. Used them for target practice from 25 to 100 yards. Highly recommend this product.

Was this review usefull? 8 12

Nice Ammo


Nice ammo Clean, reliable, and works great in my AR. The price was good and shipping was on-time. All-in-all, a great purchase.

Was this review usefull? 10 0

Consistent and ideal ammo for the range and the gun!


Been shooting these rounds for years...have never had a problem and feel good about putting these through the gun. Price is on par with other sites with low prices (if not slightly cheaper).

Was this review usefull? 9 12

A good deal


Good price, great availability, fast shipping. Does it get any better than this?

Was this review usefull? 5 3

Would definitely buy your ammo again


Just bought a new AK, the dealer threw in a box of teflon coated jackets, which I would never use again. The ammo I bought from you was far superior, and I especially like the boat tail design as it seems more accurate.

Was this review usefull? 5 2

Great range ammo


I have an RR Predator Pursuit with 20in barrel. Several hundred rounds thru the weapon. This ammo is very accurate in this rifle. Flawless reliability. I have found other brands of ammo cheaper, but they have not been as accurate...so it's worth this marginally higher cost.

Was this review usefull? 8 4

Very good ammo for the price


The first time I shot this ammo was off a lead sled at my gun club. I was shooting at 100 yards with no wind on a 70 degree morning. All 40 shots were in a 3" group. I would say this is not the most accurate ammo I have used. I have run Hornady 69 grain bthp through my AR with outstanding success. The PMC ammo is adequate enough, just not for accuracy. I also used this ammo for tactical rifle training classes and had great success, shooting from 10-25 yards. The price was great and the ammo was reliable. No jams and very little powder residue left in the barrel.

Was this review usefull? 3 4

great stuff


Great performance and clean burning, no failures, my s&w ar 15 loves this ammo!

Was this review usefull? 4 2

good ammo, great price


Good ammo, great price. Ran 250 rounds already with no problems.

Was this review usefull? 1 2

Love running PMC


Have ran about 1,500 rounds of PMC across 3 calibers, .45, .223, and .308, and I have never had a falure of any sort due to the ammo. I had a few failure to feeds with the .45 in a 1911 with 10 round mags but that was 100% the fault of the magazine not the ammo. I try and run PMC whenever possible for cheap reliable ammo. I would run pmc through my AK but the local store doesn't carry pmc in 7.62x39. Thinking about buying in bulk off of here but ak ammo is pretty pricey if you are avoiding steel case/steel jacketed ammo. It costs more than .308 FMJ-BT ammo, and that doesn't even make sense...

Was this review usefull? 4 3

Glad to find it available


Good ammo. Amazingly fast shipping! EXPENSIVE...but AVAILABLE, and I was so glad to find it. I'll be back for more because of the great service. Hopefully the ammo supply will catch up to the demand so we can see prices come back down.

Was this review usefull? 2 3

Good quality for good price


I came across this product and like it not only for its price, but also for that I need. I did not need ammo that are extreme but to use for range practice.

Was this review usefull? 1 2

Good And Cheap


Cheap ammo, works great!

Was this review usefull? 4 4

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will these pass the magnet test? I want to shoot them at an indoor range, shooter world. Posted On: 7/25/2022 By: Herb BRADSHAW
Yes sir! This ammo's bullets do not contain any steel and cannot attract a magnet.
Please put me on your list for purchase of ammunition .223 Posted On: 5/31/2021 By: Kent Oelkers
Thanks for reaching out! I cannot promise exactly when we'll get a certain type of ammunition back in stock. We don't have a system to alert our customers when ammo is back in stock. We do update our inventory very often, so I hope you'll check back in again soon!
How much are your ammo for 1000 round Posted On: 11/16/2020 By: Helen Buchanan Willard
Hi Helen! We'll update this ammo's price tag as soon as we get more in stock.
Do you have .223 or 5.64 availble for AR-15? Posted On: 9/22/2020 By: Barry Beavers
My apologies Barry, but we haven't got either in stock at this very moment. Our inventory updates frequently, though, so I hope you'll check in again soon!
Do y’all have a wish list for ammo? If so could I get notification when this round is available 1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJBT .223 Ammo by PMC? Posted On: 8/18/2020 By: John Edmondson
I'm afraid we haven't got a system like that in place sir! We are having great success sourcing new ammo on a daily basis, however, and we update our site just as often. I hope you'll check back in with us soon to see how we can be of service to you!
Need someone to help me clean and shoot the gun. Posted On: 5/31/2020 By: Have a new 15 rifle need help
Well, that's a little more than we're able to help you with, I'm afraid! I'd recommend you that ask an enthusiast or professional expert for hands-on instruction. You'll also find an abundance of information on YouTube, but nothing can substitute for hands-on instruction while you're learning to operate a firearm.
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