1000 Rounds of 40gr V-MAX .223 Ammo by Fiocchi

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When Armalite built the first AR-15 in 1958, they couldn’t possibly have guessed it would become wildly popular. They also probably would not have guessed the intermediate cartridge rifle would be re-named an “assault rifle,” because the original “AR” stood for “Armalite Rifle.” If your AR-15 is chambered in .223 Remington, you probably want to fire a few hundred – or thousand – rounds down-range whenever you feel like it. Although you take your training seriously, because, after all, who knows when the zombie apocalypse will descend, you also want to simply enjoy your rifle. You’re not just a high-volume shooter, either, you’d be a non-stop shooter if reality allowed it.

This ammunition is manufactured by Fiocchi. The well-known plant was founded in 1876, and their headquarters are located in Lecco, Italy. A large amount of their ammunition that is sold in the States is manufactured at their Ozark, Missouri, plant, but regardless of where the components are put together, they’re always produced to stringent standards. And this isn’t just any ammunition, either, it’s Fiocchi’s V-MAX. These rounds have a polymer tip for greater accuracy and the tip also acts as a sort of wedge, making the round capable of a maximum expansion and a devastating wound track. Shooters say it’s great for hunting varmints such as coyotes and target practice.

Whether you’re hunting or training, you want your .223 rounds to be fast, and these are some incredibly speedy rounds. They have a muzzle velocity of 3,650 feet per second, and you just know they will make a serious hole in your target. There are 1,000 V-MAX rounds in this case so you can hunt small-to-medium sized game or put in some focused training hours. Feed your .223-chambered rifle the high velocity ammunition it really wants; load your gun with V-MAX.

1000 Rounds of 40gr V-MAX .223 Ammo by Fiocchi

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