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50 Rounds of 30gr JHP .22 WMR Ammo by CCI

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The .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) was designed in 1959 by none other than Winchester. This cartridge is most commonly used for varmints such as coyotes and foxes and has a reputation for greater accuracy and harder impacts than similarly-sized cartridges. Because the round’s case walls are thicker than that of the .22LR it can be loaded to a higher internal pressure although it’s typically loaded with the same weight bullets as .22LR. There’s been some confusion because .22LR rounds do fit in the chambers of .22 WMR guns, but reality is a .22LR round should never be put through a gun chambered in .22 WMR. If it’s done the result could be a catastrophic failure.

These .22 WMR rounds are 40 grain, so they’re lightweight but within the standard weight range for this particular cartridge. Being so lightweight is part of what makes it possible for these rounds to move at such high speeds and also helps to keep felt recoil under control. These are Jacketed Hollow Point, JHP, rounds and begin to expand immediately upon impact. Their jackets help control expansion, allowing for greater penetration and a more devastating wound cavity. Each round has a muzzle velocity of 1875 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 312 foot-pounds. This ammunition is made by CCI for hunting varmints.

There are 50 rounds in this box of ammunition from CCI. With 50 rounds you can take down quite a few coyotes and foxes, just remember, they have keen eyesight and a good sense of smell, so you’ve got to be well-camouflaged – and fast. If you see a coyote, take it down as quickly as possible, because if they get even the tiniest hint that you’re there, they’ll be gone faster than you can react. CCI manufactures this ammunition at their longtime factory in Lewiston, Idaho, which is located right near the banks of the Snake River. Order now and do your part to reduce the varmint population in your area.

50 Rounds of 30gr JHP .22 WMR Ammo by CCI

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Good ammo
Review by mohillbilly
Good reliable ammo , feeds and cycles reliably. (Posted on 3/13/15)

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