20 Rounds of 31gr #12 Shotshell .22 LR Ammo by CCI

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When Richard Speer founded CCI in 1951 the world of ammunition was being affected negatively by the shortages in various metals. Richard had been a Boeing machinist prior to opening CCI, and he put his skill and ingenuity to work to come up with ways to solve some of the problems. Among those issues was a lack of primer, and after some trial and error he came up with a non-mercuric, non-corrosive formula, one that would forever put CCI on the map as a superior maker of primer. But that’s not all they’re known for: one of CCI’s greatest accomplishments is their .22LR.

This is 31 grain .22 LR, putting it at the lighter end of the weight spectrum. Lighter means faster, and because this is shotshell, that extra speed definitely aids in penetration. Due to their size and spread, these rounds work best at closer ranges. They’re fantastic for pest control for varmints such as rats and snakes; avid shooters recommend taking aim from approximately six feet away for the best penetration but say 10 to 20 feet for skunks and rabbits also works. You can also use these rounds for plinking. Each round moves fast with a muzzle velocity of 1000 feet per second.

There are 20 rounds in this box of ammunition from CCI. That’s just enough to get hooked on these great rounds; the combination of a .22 LR and #12 shot is nice for eradicating vermin from your property, and many farmers and ranchers swear by them. All of CCI’s ammunition is made at their longtime Lewiston, Idaho, plant and must meet their strict requirements before leaving the factory. When it comes to high-quality .22 LR, CCI is the company experienced shooters tend to turn to, so if you’re looking for some good rounds for vermin control or plinking, get your order in today.

20 Rounds of 31gr #12 Shotshell .22 LR Ammo by CCI

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