50 Rounds of 40gr CPHP .22 LR Ammo by CCI

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You haven’t lived until you’ve fired CCI’s Velocitor rounds from your .22LR-chambered firearm. The average .22LR round moves downrange at approximately 1,000 feet per second, and that’s fast, but these are faster. Velocitor was designed with small-game hunting in mind, but these are also a blast for plinking. These rounds have enough speed and strength to drop small game and pests in their tracks with one well-placed shot, so if you’ve got a problem with crows, gophers, foxes, or other annoying varmints, this is your solution.

At 40 grain, these are a common yet lightweight size. They’re a good weight for racing towards your target at breakneck speeds, and that in itself is simply awesome. But they also have greater stopping power than the average .22LR round; CCI’s Velocitor has 22% more energy than other HP rounds. Yes, these are CPHP rounds; their copper plating keeps your gun cleaner while delivering reliable feedin and ejecting, and the hollow points mushroom somewhat on impact. CCI testing shows this ammunition has almost 100% weight retention.

This ammunition is produced at CCI’s plant in Lewiston, Idaho, right along the banks of the Snake River, which seems fitting for these fast-striking rounds. These rounds have an enormous muzzle velocity of 1,435 feet per second, and a nice, solid muzzle energy of 183 foot-pounds. CCI has been in business since 1951, and today their high standards have made them legendary, specifically regarding their production of .22LR rounds. There are only 50 rounds in this box; just 50 chances to experience the Velocitor difference. If you’re in the market for some .22LR with real speed, you’ve found it.

50 Rounds of 40gr CPHP .22 LR Ammo by CCI

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