4200 Rounds of 40gr LS .22 LR Ammo by CCI

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It was 1951 when Richard Speer founded CCI – Cascade Cartridges, Inc. Prior to entering the ammunition business, he’d been a machinist at Boeing in Seattle, Washington, and when he decided to make a change, he relocated to Idaho. In Lewiston, Idaho, just a matter of feet from the Snake River, he opened the CCI plant and began manufacturing what has become popular ammunition. CCI is perhaps best known for their production of .22LR, and with that in mind, the company decided to sell these high-velocity factory seconds. They’re brand new production rounds, but because they’re a little scuffed and not beauty-pageant ready, they’re value priced. Come on, who cares how pretty the round is when you load your gun? Especially when it’s a fantastic deal and you can load your gun again…and again…and again.

.22LR is available between 20 and 60 grain, but the most common rounds range from 32 to 40 grain. With that in mind, these 40 grain rounds are at the heavy end of the average-.22LR scale. Don’t let that fool you, though, these little lead solid rounds have zip. Remember, they’re CCI’s high-velocity rounds, and they have a muzzle velocity of 1,235 feet per second. And because they have a lead nose, they do deform somewhat on impact. They have fresh brass, rimfire-primed cases, and thanks to CCI, they’re so well-priced you can’t afford to pass them up.

Anyone who thinks 4,200 rounds is a lot has clearly never experienced the joys of .22’s. It’s easy to burn through rounds in the triple and, yes, quadruple digits without a second thought. By ordering this 4,200-round box, you’re giving yourself the gift of almost limitless plinking time. These rounds are fantastic for target practice, plinking, and training new shooters. Their low recoil is a big part of their draw, and because of that low recoil you can shoot these all day, and then some. Really, what reason do you have not to buy these American-made rounds?

4200 Rounds of 40gr LS .22 LR Ammo by CCI

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