5000 Rounds of 40gr LRN.22 LR Standard Velocity Ammo by CCI

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Richard Speer, brother of Vernon Speer, was a Boeing machinist when his brother got into the ammunition business. After a short time passed Richard realized he, too, would like to get into the world of explosively fired projectiles, and he set up shop in the corner of a grocery store. He quickly realized the post-World War II brass shortage was a major hindrance for his fledging business, though, so he switched his focus to a problem he could solve: primers. Reloaders at the time didn’t have nearly enough primer, so Richard put his mind to it and created a non-mercuric, non-corrosive primer, one that would remain superior and incredibly popular even decades later. CCI is known for its primers, and they’re known for something else, too: their .22LR.

The .22LR is a popular cartridge for some obvious reasons. It doesn’t produce any recoil to speak of, it fires with a soft ping, and it’s affordable. Not only is it fun for seasoned shooters, it’s a fantastic teaching choice for new shooters, including children, so if you’ve got a .22LR, you’ve got choices. You can use your gun for a day of fun plinking or to eradicate some pests, or, yes, to instruct a new shooter. There are a lot of people out there who want to learn about guns and who are given bad advice, and one thing that happens is a new shooter being handed an overly-large caliber for their first time. If you know someone eager to safely learn about guns, get out your .22LR, and take them out for some suitable training.

These are standard-weight 40 grain rounds, so they perform just as you’d expect, fast and soft. They’re LRN – Lead Round Nose – and the lead at the nose does deform somewhat on impact, but this ammunition shouldn’t be confused with HP’s. These are best for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking – and, of course, the aforementioned tutelage of new shooters. Each round has fantastic speed with a muzzle velocity of 1070 feet per second. There are 5000 rounds in this box from CCI, and if that isn’t awesome, we don’t know what is. All of CCI’s ammunition is made at their plant in Lewiston, Idaho; this is American-made, high-quality target ammo. Place your order, and get some.

5000 Rounds of 40gr LRN.22 LR Standard Velocity Ammo by CCI

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