5 Rounds of 00 Buck 12ga Ammo by Federal

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12 gauge shotguns are used for home defense by a large number of homeowners. The argument for the use of long guns over pistols has multiple points, a few of which are: their longer barrel allows them to be used more easily and effectively from behind cover, their appearance is more visually intimidating and also easier to see from a greater distance, and, of course, they provide significantly more power. One thing to remember about using a shotgun in your home is that enormous power could propel a round right through drywall and doors – remember, most homes have cheaply made hollow doors. There is a way to deal with the issue of over-penetration, and that is using buckshot, which is less likely to blow right through a wall.

These 12 gauge rounds are loaded with 00 buck. 00 buck is a sizable load hunters use on game such as whitetail deer, so it’s more than capable of handling your home defense needs. Each of these shells is 2 ¾” long and contains 9 pellets; remember, that 9th pellet tends to be a sort of a throwaway, it’s the 8 pellets that usually hit home. These rounds deal out compelling force with a muzzle velocity of 1145 feet per second, and, as we said, 00 buck is incredibly powerful. A direct hit against a human-sized target will be more than effective. These are Federal’s Personal Defense rounds and include their Flite Control wad for greater accuracy; yes, Federal manufactures these shotgun shells specifically for home defense.

You get just 5 rounds in this box of ammunition from Federal. 5 is certainly enough to load your shotgun for a single round of home defense, but there’s no guarantee you’ll only need 5 shots. Consider ordering multiple boxes to keep yourself well-stocked just in case the worst happens. Federal has been in business for almost 100 years and has a well-deserved stellar reputation in the world of firearms and ammunition. They manufacture ammunition at their longtime plant in Anoka, Minnesota. Don’t trust the safety of your family to just anyway. Buy American-made shotgun rounds that are made with personal defense in mind; buy Federal – and do it now.

5 Rounds of  00 Buck 12ga Ammo by Federal

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