5 Rounds of 1 ounce Rifled Slug 12ga Ammo by Federal

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When some think of shotgun slugs, they think of the enjoyment of watching melons burst into pieces or random stationary targets sporting massive, gaping holes. But the reality is, there are many uses for slugs, and these Federal 12 gauge 2 ¾” 1 ounce rifled slugs are stellar examples of what a powerful shotgun can do. Slugs are used for hunting by some due to their enormous knockdown capabilities; these can be used for medium and large game. In fact, the US Forest Service rates them as a brilliant choice for taking down bears. But that’s not all these can do.

Self-defense often brings visions of handguns to mind, but long guns have their place as well. And slugs with the breeching power of these can do it all: burst through drywall and furniture, absolutely destroy locks on doors, disable vehicles, and, of course, create catastrophic wound tracks. Never underestimate the uses and, let’s say, the impression you can make, loading your shotgun with quality slugs. And these certainly are quality; made by Federal in the woods of Minnesota using the latest state-of-the-art technology, they have almost a century of excellence behind them.

These are 1 ounce slugs, which is a somewhat common yet overwhelmingly powerful weight. They’re fast, with a muzzle velocity of 1,550 feet per second, so you can count on them rushing to your target without delay. And, yes, these make a major impact; their muzzle energy is a whopping 2,518 foot –pounds. You get 5 slugs in the box, so you might consider buying multiple boxes. One can never have too many slugs, whether for hunting or self-defense. These are American-made, high-quality slugs, and you should have placed your order yesterday, so get to it. They move fast, hit impossibly hard, and shouldn’t be passed up – so don’t.

5 Rounds of 1 ounce Rifled Slug 12ga Ammo by Federal

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