5000 Rounds of 40gr LRN .22 LR Ammo by Federal

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A common problem on farms and, really, any property with a decent garden or an animal or three is pests. If you have chickens, you’re plagued by foxes, if you have dairy cows, you’re plagued by pigeons after their feed, if you have corn or other plants you’re plagued by crows…the list goes on. And while some people automatically think of a scarecrow to deal with crows and a dog to frighten away predators like foxes, there is another way: using your .22LR. Yes, it requires precise shot placement, because you want to make a quick, clean kill, but it’s a method used by countless farmers and gardeners nationwide.

These particular .22LR’s are from Federal’s American Eagle line. American Eagle combines the best of both worlds: quality and affordability. They’re made with clean-burning propellants and the same Federal-grade brass and primers you expect from the renowned company; quite a few of the cartridges in the American Eagle line are loaded so their ballistics match that of their Premium Personal Defense line so your training can be more realistic. Federal was founded by Charles Horn in 1922, and for nearly a century they’ve been manufacturing high-quality ammunition at their Anoka, Minnesota, plant so shooters like you can load their guns with reliable rounds.

These are lightweight 40 grain Lead Round Nose (LRN); the soft lead does deform slightly on impact, but not significantly. They’re ideal for plinking, training, and pest control: if you have a problem on your property with varmints and predators, this ammunition will be your partner in extermination. There are 5,000 rounds in this case, so you’ll be set. Best of all, these are Federal’s high velocity rounds, so they have even greater speed than your average .22LR with a muzzle velocity of 1,240 feet per second. Sport and hunting shooters alike praise its accuracy and grouping and also say it feeds and ejects dependably. Don’t let a pest problem destroy your hard work. Order this ammunition, grab your .22, and go eradicate some varmints.

5000 Rounds of 40gr LRN .22 LR Ammo by Federal

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