10 Rounds of 00 Buck 12ga Ammo by Fiocchi

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Fiocchi is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers in Italy. They were founded in 1876 by Giulio Fiocchi right at the height of a radical change in the firearms industry: the change from muzzle-loaders to breech-loaders. By the 1890’s, they were manufacturing cartridges with loads of shot. So for more than 100 years, they’ve been perfecting their methods for the production of this Fiocchi 12 gauge 00 Buck. Lending to their prestige and legend is their NATO AQAP-110 certification, ISO 14001 certification, and UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. Their dedication to producing quality ammunition for avid shooters is marked by almost 150 years of hard work, and these shells are the proof.

As shotgun shells go, these are more affordably priced than many, but that doesn’t mean Fiocchi skimps on quality. These shells have a folded closed crimp, not a cheap roll crimp like many value rounds do. Experienced shooters say they feed and eject reliably and say the spread is within 10” at 10 yards; it is also credited with being a fairly hot round. These shells have a muzzle velocity of 1,325 feet per second.

You can use these shells for hunting or home defense. Many hunters prefer 00 buck above all others for medium-to-large game, and those concerned with personal protection like the power and broader coverage from the pellet spread. There are 9 pellets per shell and 10 shells per box. Whether you’re a dedicated hunter or protecting your home, these Fiocchi shells have you covered. Their standards of quality are high and their experience is long. Don’t trust just anyone with the outcome of your hunt or the safety of your family. Order now.

10 Rounds of  00 Buck 12ga Ammo by Fiocchi

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