250 Rounds of 00 Buck 12ga Ammo by Fiocchi

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Want to have a fantastic deer season? Try following a few of our tips. You know hunting the lee slope of a ridge is a great position for not only spotting but getting a good shot at bucks on the move, and in order to take full advantage of it, position your stand up above the ridge line. By doing that you’ll keep your scent high, too; scent should be carried above the trees instead of down to the passing buck. Don’t be quick to abandon a good stand, either. Mature bucks may be suspicious of stands that weren’t already in place before rut began, and it can take time for a stand to blend into the background enough for deer to wander past. Be patient; if your instincts tell you it’s a good spot, don’t give up. Patience is a big part of successful hunting. So is good ammo.

Some hunters swear by their shotguns for deer hunting, and this is why: shots a rifle can’t make due to risk of ricochet or just plain inability to get a clear shot are possible with buckshot. There are other reasons, but that’s a pretty big one. These 12 gauge rounds are each loaded with 9 pellets of 00 buckshot. Fiocchi nickel-plates their pellets, which helps to create less resistance in flight and greater penetration on impact. Each shell is 2 ¾” long and has a muzzle velocity of 1325 feet per second. These shells are great for deer hunting and can also be used for target practice.

There are 250 shells in this box, so you’ll have plenty for a great hunt as well as enough for some target practice in advance. Never let a lack of practice ruin a perfectly good shot! These shotgun shells are made by Fiocchi, a plant that was founded in 1876; for almost 140 years they’ve been manufacturing ammunition to meet the needs of shooters just like you. They’re located in Lecco, Italy, but they do have a plant in Ozark, Missouri, for United States distribution. When the demand becomes overwhelming as it has been in recent years, extra stock is shipped in from the Lecco plant. Fiocchi is known for their good quality and great performance. If you want to have a great season, get some target practice in, be patient, and buy Fiocchi’s buckshot – and go hunting!

250 Rounds of  00 Buck 12ga Ammo by Fiocchi

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