5 Rounds of 300 gr Sabot Slug 12ga Ammo by Hornady

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Deer hunting is a sport for those who are patient. A willingness to wait for the right opportunity to present itself is just one of the hallmarks of a great hunter, and when you use these Hornady 12 gauge 300 grain Sabot Slugs, you’ll be able to make the most of that opportunity. These slugs are specifically for rifled barrels and use spin stabilization to increase accuracy and vastly improve external ballistic performance. If your shotgun has a rifled barrel and you want a slug made just for your large-game hunting needs, this ammo is it.

These also have SST bullets, which means they have the revolutionary FlexTip feature found on LEVERevolution ammunition. That’s important, because it means your shotgun can finally have the accuracy once limited to centerfire rifles. In fact, many shooters say they’ve achieved under 2” groups at 100 yards with these slugs. Now that’s accuracy.

Muzzle velocity is a solid 2,000 feet per second, and at 300 grain, these slugs mean business. Hornady also advertises these as having the flattest tips of any slug on the market; flatter tips mean violent energy transfer and impressive expansion. The weight, speed, and special design means you can make a cleaner, quicker kill.

Hornady’s ammunition is American made to strict standards at their plant in Grand Island, Nebraska. Decades ago, the company founder, Joyce Hornady, turned his love of hunting into a successful business, and today, you’re the one who benefits. There are 5 rounds in this box; that’s 5 chances to bring down the deer you’ve always wanted. To increase your chances, buy more than one box. But whatever you do, get your order in.

(These slugs are made specifically for rifled barrels. Please make sure your shotgun has a rifled barrel before placing your order.)

5 Rounds of 300 gr Sabot Slug 12ga Ammo by Hornady

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