250 Rounds of 00 Buck 12ga Ammo by Remington

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Who doesn’t get a kick out of exploding a bunch of melons or pumpkins with a shotgun? You can tell what time of year it is by what produce firearms owners purchase for outdoor target fun. As the weather warms, the smaller melons come out, followed by watermelons, and then, as it cools, next up is pumpkins. There just isn’t much more fun than lining up a bunch of round produce and reducing it to dripping chunks.

There are 250 shells in this box, and that’s a lot of melon destruction. Of course, you can also use these for hunting game such as deer or to make a serious point in home defense. They’re versatile and pack a wallop that almost cannot be believed. There are 9 pellets packed snugly into each of these 2 ¾” long shells. They have heavy cushioning behind the shot column and Remington uses a granulated polymer buffer to maintain roundness. Thanks to their dedication to quality, these shells offer tight patterning. And they have a muzzle velocity of 1,325 feet per second.

All of Remington’s products are made in America. Ever since its founding in 1816, they’ve been wholly dedicated to manufacturing sport and hunting ammunition for shooters just like you. It’s been trusted for generations, and if you’ve never tried it, you should. These are good quality shells, and they’re competitively priced. Don’t let your melon or pumpkin destroying plans get put off by not having enough shells. If you love your 12 gauge shotgun, you’ll love these shells.

250 Rounds of  00 Buck 12ga Ammo by Remington

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great shot
Review by bb
this shot great (Posted on 6/23/15)

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