400 Rounds of 36gr HP .22 LR Ammo by Remington

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Don’t let varmints destroy your crops, garden, or property. Pests come in many forms, from squirrels to foxes to rabbits to gophers – or even from above in the form of crows and pigeons – and there’s no reason to let them gain ground at your home. With a little patience and proper shot placement, you’ll be pest-free before you know it, although there is one more thing you need: ammunition. If the .22LR is your cartridge of choice for pest control, then these Remington game loads should be your brand of choice. They’re specifically made with getting rid of varmints in mind and possess some features to help you along the way.

These are HP’s, so they expand somewhat on impact and also begin to decelerate, which is good for safety while hunting. They’re 36 grain which is lightweight, lending them greater speed, and they’re also specifically designed for high-velocity, so these are some quick .22’s. Their muzzle velocity is 1,280 feet per second and muzzle energy is 131 foot-pounds. And while these are absolutely fantastic for pest control, they’re also great for target practice and plinking. Most .22LR shooters are also high-volume shooters, so you don’t want to load your gun with just any ammunition, because true quality rounds will extend the life of your gun. But these aren’t just any rounds, they’re Remington.

Eliphalet Remington founded the company in 1816 when he designed and built his own flintlock rifle and subsequently won second place in a competition with it. Although he undoubtedly wanted first place, the rifle performed well and orders began pouring in. And with that simple start, Remington was born. Two centuries later, their reputation has reached legendary proportions. Their ammunition is made in Lonoke, Arkansas, to stringent standards. When you buy Remington, you’re buying a piece of a legend – a high-quality, well-made piece.

400 Rounds of 36gr HP .22 LR Ammo by Remington

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