500 Rounds of 36gr LHP .22 LR Cyclone Ammo by Remington

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Rifles chambered in .22LR are the firearm everyone should own at least one of, and we’re going to tell you why. Although the .22LR doesn’t possess much stopping power, it’s still a versatile round. You can handle pest control with a .22LR, but more than that you can also hunt small game such as rabbits with it, and thanks to the small cartridge size it won’t obliterate the meat. New shooters learning safe gun use with a .22LR are far less likely to develop bad habits such as flinching because there’s really no recoil with these guns and not much noise, either. Best of all, .22LR is economically priced, and lightweight. Lightweight matters because if you need to carry your rifle and ammo for any distance, it’s great to be able to carry hundreds or even a thousand rounds without weighing yourself down. The .22LR is a great cartridge, and if you don’t have one, you should go get one.

These are 36 grain rounds so they’re within the standard range for the .22LR. Of course, they’re also pretty lightweight, so they’re capable of reaching impressive speeds. This particular ammunition is LHP; Lead Hollow Points have been on the market for more than a century; these rounds will mushroom on impact, creating a larger wound track, and will also decelerate so they’re less likely to over-penetrate. And because these are Remington’s Cyclone rounds, they have even better speed than most with a muzzle velocity of 1280 feet per second. Muzzle energy is 131 foot-pounds, and that combined with the LHP bullet makes this ammunition more than capable of taking out small game. This ammunition was designed for varmint hunting and can also be used for target practice and plinking.

You get 500 rounds in this box of ammunition from Remington, so you can take out more than a few squirrels and rabbits. This ammunition is made by Remington, a legendary company that was founded in 1816 and has been relied on by generations of shooters for quality and performance. 200 years is a long time to gain experience, and Remington has put their time to good use. They have six plants in the South and on the east coast, and ammunition is made at their plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. If you’re going to hunt small game or handle pest control with your .22LR you should be using expanding rounds like these both for safety’s sake and for clean kills. Get your order in today and take your favorite rifle out for some country-style varmint justice.

500  Rounds of 36gr LHP .22 LR Cyclone Ammo by Remington

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