1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJ .223 Ammo by Tula

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You have an AR-15 chambered in .223 Remington because you want to be ready for whatever comes next. Deer hunting, home defense, zombies, blowing away empty pop cans, whatever happens, you’re going to be ready to wipe it out with one squeeze of the trigger. Of course, in order to pull that off, you need to have some excellent shot placement, and in order to improve your marksmanship, you need a lot of affordably priced ammunition. That’s where Tula comes in.

The Tula Arms Plant in Tula, Russia, was founded back in 1712 when Tsar Peter I of Russia ordered the building of ammunition plants. The plant was originally started to supply the necessary means to protect the local citizenry from invading nomads, but over the years they’ve expanded to supply shooters worldwide with competitively priced ammunition. Since day one they’ve kept their plant’s technology up-to-date, and they’ve undergone reconstruction and numerous improvements to ensure their ammunition is produced to high standards.

These steel-cased rounds are made using Tula’s careful layering process: incredibly thin layers of copper and steel are alternated until a strong steel case is produced. The case is then coated in a special polymer to help the rounds feed and eject reliably while also keeping your gun cleaner. At 55 grain they’re pretty lightweight, which lends to their speed. This ammunition has a mind-blowing muzzle velocity of 3,241 feet per second, and because they’re .223 rounds, you know they’re going to put a serious hole in your targets. As FMJ rounds they’re meant for target practice, tactical training, and plinking. And with 1,000 rounds in this box, you have no reason not to spend hours feeding your favorite rifle. Go ahead, be a high-volume shooter. With Tula, you can afford it.

(This ammunition is steel-cased. Some ranges do not allow rounds with steel cases, so make sure you double check before trying to use this ammunition at your area range.)

1000 Rounds of 55gr FMJ .223 Ammo by Tula

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