1000 Rounds of 62gr FMJ .223 Ammo by Tula

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Ballistically, the .223 is right between its predecessors, the .222 Remington and .222 Remington Magnum. And although the .223 was originally designed for the military’s M16 rifle, it quickly became a public favorite, specifically for the AR-15. If you own an AR-15 or another .223-chambered rifle, you like to make a statement. You don’t want a little handgun hiding in a holster at the small of your back, you want a big, bad rifle everyone can see coming. You don’t want to put a small hole in your target, you want the kind of power that blows it away. And you don’t fire just a few dozen rounds and call it a day, either, you stand tall and sling lead down-range for hours.

Tula knows you’re a high-volume shooter with an awesome rifle, so they make this competitively-priced .223 ammunition. Their plant is located in Tula, Russia, and thanks to them, you can afford to spend however long you want with your firearm of choice. They use a unique bi-metal layering process to create these cases, alternating copper and steel until they have a steel case, which saves you money. They’ve been in business since 1712, and they’ve spent those centuries honing their manufacturing skills. Just think what you could do if you had centuries to hone your marksmanship skills.

These are medium-weight 62 grain rounds. They’re FMJ, so they don’t expand, and they’re ideal for target practice, plinking, and training for the impending zombie apocalypse. And they’re fast, did we mention that? They’re so fast they reach out and blow away your target before you finish squeezing the trigger: their muzzle velocity is 3, 025 feet per second. There are 1,000 rounds in this case, so you’re going to be ready for a long, satisfying day of shooting, and since they’re reasonably priced, ordering them won’t break the bank. In fact, maybe you should order two. No such thing as too much ammo, right?

(This ammunition is steel-cased. Some ranges do not allow rounds with steel cases, so make sure you double check before trying to use this ammunition at your area range.)

Bulk Tula 223 Rem 62 gr FMJ Ammo For Sale

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  • Bulk Tula 223 Rem 62 gr FMJ Ammo For Sale

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