5 Rounds of 00 Buck 9 Pellets 12ga Ammo by Winchester Ranger

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The Winchester Ranger line is specifically made to meet the high standards of those in law enforcement. Ranger shotgun shells are made with precision manufacturing and carefully fine-tuned for exceptional ballistic performance; if you want the best for your shotgun, get Winchester Ranger. Since 1866, Winchester has been manufacturing firearms and ammunition with pride in the U.S., starting with the lever-action rifles that made them prominent in the Old West and, today, distributing a vast array of guns and calibers to shooters like you. Shotguns and Winchester go hand-in-hand – or hand-on-stock, as it were – and your 12-gauge is going to love these shells.

These are 00 buck shells, which have a wide variety of uses. Many experienced hunters use them for game such as whitetail deer, although it’s important to note hunting deer with buckshot requires being within the right range, usually under 40 to 50 yards. One of the pros of hunting with buckshot is its ability to perform where rifles would fail, such as blowing through a pine bough or bush to take down a deer when a rifle round would have been redirected or dangerously ricocheted. 00 buck is also used by many in law enforcement and favored by quite a few shotgun owners for home defense. For home defense a load of buckshot requires less precision than a slug and also doesn’t have the risk of massive over-penetration a slug does. And, of course, buckshot is great for target practice.

These 12 gauge 00 buck shot shells contain 9 pellets each and are 2 ¾” long. Winchester designs these particular shells to be low recoil, so you won’t have nearly the kick you usually get from your shotgun. Each shells moves with impressive speed with a muzzle velocity of 1145 feet per second and delivers compelling force with muzzle energy at 1335 foot-pounds. There are 5 shells in this box which isn’t many but is a good size for slipping in your pants or vest pocket. To try it out, get a single box, but if you want to feed your shotgun a solid meal, get several. Either way, get some!

5 Rounds of  00 Buck 9 Pellets 12ga Ammo by Winchester Ranger

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