5 Rounds of 1 ounce Rifled Slug 12ga Ammo by Winchester

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If you’re a hunter, you may use a shotgun for a variety of reasons. Some choose them simply because they favor the feel and power of a shotgun over a rifle while others believe a shotgun allows for a cleaner kill; others use shotguns because they live or hunt in an area where rifle use is not allowed. A rifle round can travel significant distances, and because of that, some heavily populated areas only allow shotguns for hunting. And although 00 buckshot is sometimes used for game such as deer, slugs provide greater focused power and also function at longer ranges without the overly extended range of a rifle round.

These 1 ounce slugs are a good choice for hunting large game including deer, and experienced hunters have also used them to take down game such as feral hogs. They’re meant to pack a devastating punch, and because we understand experienced shooters need to know the specifics of their shotgun loads, the ballistics for these slugs are as follows:

  • Muzzle velocity: 1,600 feet per second
  • 50-yard velocity: 1,161 feet per second
  • 100-yard velocity: 953 feet per second
  • Muzzle energy: 2,488 foot-pounds
  • 50-yard energy: 1,310 foot-pounds
  • 100-yard energy: 882 foot-pounds

In 1866, Winchester Repeating Arms was founded by Oliver Winchester. For 150 years they’ve been producing firearms and ammunition for shooters everywhere, and even though their trademark name is sold through the Olin Corporation today, their dedication to excellence remains. All of their ammunition is manufactured in the United States; when you buy Winchester, you’re getting American-made quality. There are 5 slugs in this box, so you can tuck it into your vest pocket on a hunt and fire it just enough times to be hooked. These slugs are great for hunting, home defense, and target practice. If you want to make your point in the most compelling way possible, order these 12 gauge slugs.

5 Rounds of 1 ounce Rifled Slug 12ga Ammo by Winchester

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