250 Rounds of 1 1/8 ounce #4 shot 12ga Ammo by Winchester

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Going pheasant hunting? Don’t stop hunting before the season ends. Late in the season, when it’s chilly and the weather is getting worse, is actually a great time to hunt because birds will be heading for more predictable cover. All you’ll need to do is check out the heavy cover like grass, cattails, and willows, and there they’ll likely be. Also don’t leave before the day is over, because it’s right as the sun is starting to go down you’ll find pheasants on the move. It’s right before dark they’ll go from their feeding area to cover for the night; this is when you’ll find birds right along the seam. Be patient, be persistent, and load your shotgun with good ammunition.

These 12 gauge rounds from Winchester are just what you need for a good hunt. They have a 1 1/8 ounce load, so you get greater power without the noticeable increase in felt recoil you get at 1 ¼ ounces. And they’re loaded with #4 lead shot, which is one of the most popular sizes for upland bird hunting. Since they’re lead you can get better range out of them; steel requires being closer. These shells are 2 ¾” long and each has terrific speed with a muzzle velocity of 1255 feet per second – and obviously they hit with enormous force. This is Winchester’s Super X Heavy Game Load; it’s designed with upland bird hunting in mind.

You get 250 rounds in this box of ammunition. If you think that’s enough to get you through the entire season, well, not really. You don’t want the only time you pull the trigger to be when you’ve got a bird being flushed; you need range time. Practice is the only thing that’s going to guarantee you get the birds you want, so practice. Put this big box of shotgun shells to good use by spending time honing marksmanship, and don’t use only stationary targets, because birds certainly don’t hold still. Winchester has been in business since 1866; that’s 150+ years of experience, and, of course, ammunition is manufactured in the U.S.A. just like it’s always been. Order your box of Super X and have a great season.

250 Rounds of 1 1/8 ounce #4 shot 12ga Ammo by Winchester

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