25 Rounds of 1 ounce #9 shot 12ga Ammo by Winchester

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When it comes to sport shooting, it can be broken down into three groups: skeet, sporting clay, and trap. Trap shooting is actually the oldest shotgun shooting sport in the U.S. and is immensely popular. It got its name from the device that launches clay targets into the air – yes, it’s aptly named a trap. In trap shooting, the goal is to shoot the targets when they’re thrown from the trap house, which is positioned in front of the participant. The clay targets don’t always go the same way, though, because the trap rotates randomly, presenting the shooter with a variety of going-away shots. If you shoot trap – or clay, or skeet – you need a shotgun shell with the power to obliterate your targets, and these Winchester Super Target shells will do just that.

#9 shot is a popular size for sport shooting. It’s big enough to shatter the clay targets and with a 1 ounce load it has substantial power. Many sport shooters prefer a 1 ounce load over 1 1/8 ounce because the extra 1/8 ounce tends to increase recoil noticeably without really being necessary for a successful shoot. These shells are also a nice choice if you just want to hone your marksmanship with your shotgun at a somewhat more affordable price. These shells have a muzzle velocity of 1180 feet per second and, of course, meet your targets with shattering strength.

You get 25 shells in this box, so you can load your shotgun a few times for some sport shooting or just get some practice in. They’re Winchester Super Target shells, which are designed with your sport shooting needs in mind. Winchester has been manufacturing ammunition for more than 150 years, and although the Olin Corporation has now taken over production, these are the same shells you have come to know and rely on. Olin has been with Winchester almost since the beginning in some capacity and produces high-quality military ammunition as well. All manufacturing takes place here in the United States. Don’t let less-than-stellar loads ruin your sport shooting; order these Winchester Super Target shells now.

25 Rounds of 1 ounce #9 shot 12ga Ammo by Winchester

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