250 Rounds of 1 ounce #9 shot 12ga Ammo by Winchester

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#9 shot is a popular size for Skeet shooting. It was 1920 when Charles Davis invented the sport and it was first named Clock Shooting due to the way the original course was set up. But in 1923 the course had to be cut in half because a chicken farm had moved in adjacent to Davis’ property. It was shooter William Foster who changed the course, and he also realized the appeal of the sport could easily translate to a national level. It took some time, but by 1926 it was being featured in not one but two magazines: National Sportsmen and Hunting and Fishing. In the magazines, a cash prize was offered to the person who came up with a new name for the sport, and reader Gertrude Hurlbutt came up with “skeet” which was derived from skyte, the Norwegian for “shoot.” If you’re a skeet shooter, these Winchester shells are just what you need for a successful shoot.

These are 2 ¾ inch, 2 ¾ dram, 1 ounce shells, which is a favorite of many sport shooters. 1 ounce is a capable load, providing all the power needed to blow away clay targets and at 2 ¾ dram they’re considered light loads and fantastic for Skeet as well as shooting basic 16-yard Trap. #9 shot is widely used for Skeet as well as Trap and sporting clays, so if you’re a sport shooter looking for a reliable load for successful shoots, this is it. There are 250 shells in this box and that’s a fantastic number because it allows for some focused training time. These shells have a muzzle velocity of 1,180 feet per second.

Winchester makes these shells with pride in the United States, just as they always have since the company was founded in 1866. For 150 years they’ve been producing firearms and ammunition that are known for their quality and innovation; if you want to keep your shotgun loaded with shells from a company with a rich history and stellar reputation, Winchester is an excellent choice. Reach your sport shooting goals; order this 250-shell box today.

250 Rounds of 1 ounce #9 shot 12ga Ammo by Winchester

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