250 Rounds of 7/8 ounce #8 low recoil shot 12ga Ammo by Winchester AA

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When participating in any form of sport shooting, whether clay, skeet, or target, a few tips can help you get better scores and perform better overall. How you stand matters: your feet should be placed so that if a line were drawn from your rear heel to your lead foot it would point right where you’re going to break your target. Practice mounting your gun: if you can learn to swing and mount your gun at your shoulder simultaneously, you speed up significantly, and point your gun in the right direction as you swing it into place, too. While you do all that, get your eyes focused on your target, and shoot it the instant it comes into focus and your gun is mounted. Finally, focus on your target, not the gun barrel. Shotguns aren’t like rifles or pistols, they’re more point-and-shoot. Get some practice in and you’ll have it down in no time.

This ammunition is made by Winchester, which was founded in 1866 by Oliver Winchester. In its previous incarnation, Winchester was the Horace Smith and David Wesson partnership – not to be confused with Smith and Wesson – and that partnership produced a rifle where the major shareholder was Oliver Winchester. Although that rifle didn’t actually do very well, another designer working for Oliver perfected what would become known as the .44 Henry round, and, long story short, Oliver’s new company, New Haven Arms, began producing the Henry rifle for the big round. Finally, in 1866, Oliver established Winchester Repeating Arms, and for more than 150 years they’ve been making quality firearms and ammunition.

This is 12 gauge ammo made specifically to help you perfect your sport shooting. It has a 7/8 ounce load, so it produces enough power to break your targets but doesn’t produce the greater recoil of larger loads; these are Winchester’s low-recoil rounds. Each shell is loaded with #8 shot, which is a favorite of many sport shooters for how it shatters targets, and is 2 ¾” long. Each shell has a muzzle velocity of 980 feet per second. This ammunition is specifically made for sport shooting and uses high-quality hulls for superior reloading. There are 250 shells in this box, so get your order in to do some high-volume shooting and give your shotgun a good meal.

250 Rounds of 7/8 ounce #8 low recoil shot 12ga Ammo by Winchester AA

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