500 Rounds of 36gr LHP .22 LR Ammo by Winchester

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When you ask .22 fans what they like to use as targets, you get a variety of answers. Some fill pumpkins and melons with jello for a colorful splash while others fill plastic eggs with cracked corn to give woodland animals a treat after they leave the area (of course, they clean up the non-edible parts). For a greater challenge, the more proficient shooters tape a match to their paper targets with the tip right at the bullseye, for a well-lit reward when they hit their mark. And if you think that sounds difficult – yet fun – you could try shooting out a lit candle without hitting the wick or tossing a penny in the air and drilling it before it comes back to earth. Sound like something you’d do? Then order this 500-round box of Winchester rounds and test your marksmanship skills the fun way.

These are 36 grain, making them both lightweight and standard for the cartridge. They’re Winchester’s Xpert High Velocity line, so they fly from the barrel of your gun with an impressive muzzle velocity of 1,280 feet per second. If that’s not a fast .22LR, we don’t know what is. As LHP’s they expand somewhat on impact and also begin to decelerate when they hit your target. They’re a nice choice for target practice, plinking, pest control, and teaching new shooters the ins and outs of gun safety and marksmanship.

Winchester was founded in 1866 and has more than 150 years of experience making firearms and ammunition. They have a rich history, having been largely responsible for the rifle now known as The Gun That Won the West, and they have a vast following due to their dedication to quality. Today the company’s ammunition is manufactured through the Olin Corporation, another long-time company that can trace its own roots to 1892. Production takes place at their plant in Oxford, Missouri, and each and every round is manufactured to the highest standards. If you’re ready to try your hand at extinguishing a candle (without hitting the wick!) with your .22LR, order some ammunition, and get to it.

500  Rounds of 36gr LHP .22 LR Ammo by Winchester

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