50 Rounds of 115gr FMJ 9mm Ammo by Wolf

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These Wolf 9mm 115 grain FMJ rounds aren’t just any target steel-cased rounds. They’re made by the venerable Tula Arms Plant in Tula, Russia. The company was founded in 1712, and in the centuries they’ve been producing ammunition they’ve perfected a method for affordable target rounds. Incredibly thin layers of copper and steel are alternated until they have a steel case that’s just the right thickness, and then they coat it with a special polymer for seamless feeding and ejecting. These are mil-spec rounds; Wolf’s Military Classic. If you’re a 9mm fan looking to sling some lead down-range, give this ammunition a shot.

The 9x19mm Parabellum, which was designated as the 9mm Luger by SAAMI and CIP, was first created in 1901 by George Luger. In 2006, the book Cartridges of the World designated 9x19mm Parabellum/Luger as “the world’s most popular and widely used military handgun cartridge.” And it certainly is, with more than 60% of law enforcement in the U.S. using it as its regular issue and the U.S. Army placing new orders for the 9mm-chambered M9 on a routine basis. There was even a stretch where Special Operations Forces (SOF) used it.

This caliber has a cartridge case capacity of 0.86ml and its most common rifling twist rate is 250mm, 6 grooves, ø lands = 8.82mm. At 115 grain, this specific ammunition is lightweight, which gives it the ability to deliver speed while still retaining a 9mm punch. It has a muzzle velocity of 1,150 feet per second and muzzle energy of 338 foot-pounds. These are FMJ, making them well-suited for target practice, tactical training, and plinking; one of the great things about 9mm is its lower cost, and Wolf makes these rounds truly affordable. You get 50 rounds in this box, so place your order and give your handgun a nice snack.

(This ammunition is steel-cased. Some ranges do not allow rounds with steel cases, so make sure you double check before trying to use this ammunition at your area range.)

50 Rounds of 115gr FMJ 9mm Ammo by Wolf

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