1000 Rounds of 158gr JHP .357 Mag Ammo by CCI

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When Prohibition went into effect in January of 1920 with the rather far-fetched intent of making the U.S. a “dry” nation, a caliber crisis also began. Bootleggers being to crop up almost immediately, and law enforcement officers quickly discovered that between car doors and the resistant vests, they didn’t have the firepower to slow them down, let alone stop them. At the time .32 and .38 were the common service weapons and neither was capable of piercing a car door. And when attempts were made to pack .38’s to a higher pressure, the light-framed Military & Police revolvers couldn’t take it. After significant back and forth and the use of other calibers, avid hunter Elmer Keith finally debuted the .357 Magnum in 1934.

Today the .357 remains wildly popular because it takes the size of a .38 and gives it heat. Many experienced shooters use it as their personal defense weapon and those same shooters take care to load their self-defense firearms with hollow points. These Blazer rounds are JHP, so they offer the expansion and energy transfer of a hollow point with a jacket that increases bullet strength and also keeps your gun cleaner. It stays cleaner because the jacket creates a barrier, so lead isn’t being stripped from the bullet and fouling your barrel with every shot fired.

These rounds also have the speed .357’s were created for with a muzzle velocity of 1,150 feet per second. They also pack a mean self-defense handgun punch with a muzzle energy of 464 foot-pounds. 158 grain is a solid weight for this caliber, too. And, of course, they’re Blazer, which is made by CCI in Lewiston, Idaho. They’re berdan primed with aircraft-grade aluminum cases, which ensures ignition and also saves you money. You’ll get 1,000 American-made, good quality rounds in this box; that’s just enough to get you started. Get a box today for your target practice and plinking time.

1000 Rounds of 158gr JHP .357 Mag Ammo by CCI

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